ActivePieces Webhook Duplication and Mapping Issue in VPS Environments

The issue involves the ActivePieces system generating duplicate webhook results when used from a VPS, preventing advanced mapping from properly unfolding the data. This problem does not occur when ActivePieces is operated on its own servers, indicating a unique challenge linked to VPS environments. Despite a previous fix addressing duplicate data within the ActivePieces system, the specific issue of VPS usage persists, highlighting a need for further investigation and resolution.
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Hi @Dante

What is the version of activepieces are you using? you can know from /api/v1/flags

Hi @abuaboud ,
I am using version 0.5.3 of ActivePieces.

Hi @Dante,

Please upgrade to version 0.20.3. This version is outdated. I am not sure why it’s showing LATEST_VERSION as 0.5.3.

Please try again and let me know.

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Because that’s the default version on the easy panel. I didn’t even notice this. Thank you for letting me know.

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