ActivePieces +re:tune

Is re:tune planned to be offered as an APP in ActivePieces? or how can I use re:tune with ActivePieces ?

I would like to know this also.


Hi @Omussumo and @BetterHumanz Re:tune was suggested on the roadmap but haven’t yet made it to the top of the list. If it gets there it will be implemented.

To understand your request, what are you looking to do with Activepieces + Re:tune?


This should be awesome.

There are endless scenarios how Activepieces and Re:tune can integrate.
E.g. Allowing usage of specific Ai bot instead of ChatGPT on AP (We create bot on RT, and instead of ChatGPT we connect that bot to AP flow)

It seems that now you can easily create a specific bot within ActivePieces, via the chatbot feature.

Yeah, you should check-out Re:Tune so you’ll understand what I’m referring to :smiley:

I know retune :slight_smile: Did you check out the new chatbot feature though? You can create a dedicated chatbot directly on Activepieces, and train it with PDFs - and I’m sure that in future there will be more sources.

Yes, I am using it as well,but it would be nice to be able to train more than just chatgpt. Thus the question for retune, i am sure.

So the main action you’d be looking for is “Ask bot”? @Ratomir

Hello guys,

We’ve released a re:tune piece with a single action: Ask Chatbot that allows you to use your chatbots from re:tune in your AP flows. Re:tune are still building their API capabilities, so with time we’ll be adding more functionality to the piece.

Let us know what you think!

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