Activepieces container space usage is 68GB (self hosted)

Hello, got alarm from server that free space is <10%. Checked activepieces container size and its 68GB. Is it OK? Can it be cleared somehow?

I have rolled back to 0.26.1 version, and the size is fine, 300MB after a day.

For 0.27.0 its more than 2GB after several hours and growing.

How did you rollback? Command ?

Hi @Eugene

It’s heavily depend on npm packages and flows you have, we limit the folders to 1000 sandbox, I think we should make it configurable and I need to make sure about the cleaning up process.

If you still have the container please let me know so we can jump in a call and ssh into it and look into the cached files and what things were cached.

I think you can also clean the cache inside the container and restart it, and It would revert to original state.

normally a docker compose down ; docker compose up -d will empty every temp file from container.
Bastian Epting

Changed version in docker-compose.yml file.

image: ""0.26.1


container is restarted so its no longer available. I’ve enabled 0.27.0 version again, I’ll let it work for a while and check size later tomorrow.