Active Pieces FAKE REVIEWS detected and removed by Trustpilot

@ashrafsam - explain this

Activepieces Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of (

This is a very good question, we asked Trustpilot and haven’t yet received any response.

I’ll try to find someone who could potentially help. My suspecion is around:

  1. Very short reviews.
  2. Many reviews by “new users” on Trustpilot.

Either way, I don’t feel they should post something like this and keep it forever. It’s been there for a long time and I’m trying to understand how we can get past it.

What are your thoughts?

@ashrafsam maybe because of this?

I mean, even if you are not asking for good reviews, you are giving away more monthly tasks for those who send a Trustpilot review.

Disclaimer: I just found out about this and did NOT reported anything to trustpilot. I like AP and I’m a contributor :slightly_smiling_face:

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We weren’t aware of this Trustpilot rule since G2 uses incentives by default for reviews. I don’t see any particular issues with giving incentives to users in order to take some of their time to review us.

Also, these reviews are not fake, the banner can easily say “This business might be rewarding its reviewers” instead. The current statement is way misleading to consumers and doesn’t represent the reality.

You definitely didn’t report us as this statement has been showing for weeks now and we tried to contact Trustpilot in regards to it without getting any responses.

These reviews mediums are experimental to us and we will eventually focus on some and ditch the others. If it continues to misrepresent the situation, we might end up shutting down our page with them.

I just saw the pricing for TrustPilot. Starting at $250/mo, that seems crazy. Do you feel that you get that much benefit from it?

I don’t think they pay anything. Having a company profile in trustpilot and accessing some basics tools is free. I think that in order to verify the company, and get access to more “powerful tools” then you need to pay.

Yeah, they are very jealous with the reviews. Even when you are an user, they take their time to publish the review.

I agree totally.

I think you just need someone with a verifiable profile (10k LinkedIn followers helps), not some random Gmail. My review is showing fine!. You just need to give it a week or two to clear up, and be more careful about who you get to review you.

I have emailed you @ashrafsam other email has not seemed to respond since Wednesday

@ashrafsam I sent you guys the email taking up your offer as you can see I did my part of the bargain.

However I have had no response and credits have not moved…

Can you help?

Hi @Andrew_Jack Sorry for late, We processed all the emails yesterday, please check now