2 Webhooks in one flow

I have a flow where i catch data in Activepieces in first step to automate different steps.
In the middle of a loop, i would need to catch data in a 2nd webhook in the same way I started the flow. It means, i need Activepieces to generate a second url to catch the data.
Unfortunatly, I can’t see webhook in the tab All, Core or App actions.
Is it normal ?
Thank you for your answer.

Hey, it’s normal as incoming webhooks are triggers, as they’re asynchronous. Using a second (incoming) webhook would mean that your flow would stop for some time, perhaps even for ever.

If you need 2 step to collect incoming data, I could suggest to have 2 flows : 1 for the first webhook and then you store the data you collected from the first webhook using the Storage piece (don’t forget to store an “ID”), then a second flow with webhook as trigger too, it will collect the remaning data and you’ll be able to reconcile all data by getting the flow#1 data from the Stroage (so the ID you need to store, for reconciliation purpose).

That’s just an idea !


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It is a good idea. I am going to try this.
Thank you for your answer.

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Interesting suggestions… I too will checkout what exactly AP storage is.

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