Your Runs Tab is shit, and it could be great

I’m trying to trouble shoot a flow that is buried in time. It is evermore frustrating to me how much time I’m losing.

What is this?

We need page options instead of 10-20 results with a left and right arrow.

We need to be able to isolate the flow successful or not.

My flow is successfully triggering, but I still have to trouble shoot my system, and I can only do it by looking at the flow results and tweaking as I go.

I’m losing 5 minutes every time I have to go through all the bull shit of click on run, choose 20 and click right hoping I don’t click another result on accident. And finally getting to the flows I’m looking for to have to do it all over again, because I couldn’t just hit open in a new tab, and open all 4 runs.

Come on. Show that that tab some love.

LMAO, this feedback made my day. You have my vote!

I think we should relocate it inside the builder, perhaps as a tab labeled “Execution,” so you don’t have to leave the builder to view the results.

What exactly do you mean by “Page Options”? Is the filter by status not working?


Tip: Keep pressing CTRL and click on the flow run; it will open in a new tab.

Let me know If you have more thoughts, this feedback is awesome!

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