You have unsaved changes on this page due to network disconnection. Error HTTP Request

I am doing a HTTP Request the response is json. I would like to save this as CSV file so I use the action “JSON to CSV”. To do this I need to do “test step” for the HTTP Request. But when I test the HTTP Request I get this message “You have unsaved changes on this page due to network disconnection.” Through this error I cannot go further. I think the response is to big. Do you have a suggestion to fix this?

I’ve had this issue too a couple of times… I had to refresh my page (most of the times the data was saved) and then it was fixed, also logging in and out might help.

@Bas8334 how big is the file you’re using?

@MoShizzle It is 11,5 MB

Thx Bram. I used many times the “refresh” button and I did log out but it will not save the data insert part :frowning:

@Bas8334 Activepieces has a file limit of 3mb (or 4 I can’t remember), try a smaller file that’s most likely the issue

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