Yet another topic about static IP-addresses

This has been requested many times before, but since topics are closed very fast I had to open yet another topic about this issue.

For reference:

Internal systems like databases and API’s commonly use an IP-whitelist for security.
Other services often provide a list of static IP-addresses to whitelist, for example Google for connecting Apps Script to a JDBC database.
Exposing these systems to the whole world is a non-starter in many cases, therefore using the delightful Activepieces Cloud is not an option.

Based on this comment by @abuaboud in an earlier topic it seems like there’s now maybe potentially a list of static IP-addresses, with possibly a better setup coming in the future?
What’s the current status on this? Is it safe/reliable to use that list, and is there any update on this potential better setup?

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@Abdul Is there any progress on this issue? A very strange approach

Hi @Konrod We haven’t picked this up in our sprints yet. Is it blocking you from something? What is it?

I work with SQL. yesterday I discovered that access to one of the databases had been hacked. The administrator has disabled access to unknown IP addresses. As a result, the AP operation failed. A static address is important for such processes. Maybe it makes sense to work out the connection of your proxies or VPN through a separate cube?

I know that some people do it through a VPN but I don’t know the technical steps to it. Maybe we should document it as a workaround to this? @abuaboud

Just to verify for a non-techy: an API provider requires certain IP addresses to be added to the whitelist for the request. Currently, with Activepieces, we are unable to specify static IPs for the request origin. Correct? Can you provide an update on this? Thank you!