What Coverts to Zapier (Send Text)

I have Zap set up now and would like to move away from Zapier if possible.

Here’s how it works:

  1. A lead comes into a client website and is logged into our lead software (white label of What Converts).

  2. When a lead that is labeled a specific way comes in, a text message goes out to the client with the details (we don’t do this for all leads, just urgent leads).

We have it set up with Zapier, integrating with What Converts, and it works great. Is this something that Active Pieces can do? I couldn’t find an integration with What Converts on the Active Pieces website.

Hi @tydowns , Welcome to the community!!

Currently, the WhatConverts integration is not available on ActivePieces. However, we’re all about making our platform better. If you’d like to see WhatConverts integrated with ActivePieces, you can share your suggestion and create a feature request here.

In the meantime, you can leverage our Webhook Trigger to receive new lead data from WhatConverts software:

  1. Add Webhook Trigger in flow and copy URL .

  2. In your WhatConverts Dashboard, go to the "Integrations " menu and select "Webhooks " from the menu. Click on "Add Webhook ". Add your copied URL from step 1 to Webhook URL and select the Lead Types and Trigger Type for the Webhook. Click on Add to finish the webhook configuration.

Feel free to explore this option while we work on expanding our integrations. If you have any questions or need assistance, our community is here to help!


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