We're polishing Activepieces — a rolling announcement [19th April]

2 weeks ago, we started this discussion: Is the product polished? We need your inputs

The amount and type of feedback we got were CRAZY :exploding_head: :heartpulse:

We recently dropped all our side activities to focus on these 3 editions: Community, Enterprise and Embed.

This means:

  • While we might run an LTD campaign with AppSumo in June, it will be the last LTD sale we do.
  • We’ll replace LTDs with Rewards, you help us get bigger and better, you get a great deal.
  • We dropped the Agency plan as it was about to consume our time in a different direction.

In order for Activepieces to become the defacto product in our focus area, it needs to be a very polished product.

We started this polishing movement, and because many of the items are smaller ones, we’d like to announce them all in one topic, here.

Items that represent bigger features will be announced separately and referred to here.

@abuaboud You can along with your team take over this announcement from here on.


:tada: Around 400 typos fixed, and we’ve set up an automated tool to check for typos in the code and user-facing strings.

This was mainly driven by the contributors in the community.

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Google Drive, You can include file content in the trigger without need for two steps (New Trigger then Read File Action)

This were implemented by AbdullahBitar a great contributor

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Easier way to report Issue for unknown errors in connection

PR: feat: add report issue to connection dialog for unknown errors by abuaboud · Pull Request #4465 · activepieces/activepieces · GitHub

cc: The SFTP section does not work - #13 by abuaboud

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A common issue occurs when the user deletes some rows after publishing the Google Sheets, and then adds some rows again later. In this case, Google Sheets used to not work, and it was a common mistake by the user.

We have now improved this by updating to the lower count of rows, so the next check can detect the new rows.

Here are two links for further reference:

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How many editions are there and which edition did AppSumo people get? :blush:


How many editions are there and which edition did AppSumo people get? :blush:

That’s the Pro subscription which is basically the Community Edition hosted on our cloud

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Great work guys, love to see this! @ashrafsam @abuaboud :handshake:


Thank you for the information.

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good job, thanks for this guys

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All date formats have now been changed. It will either display the year or time depending on each table.

Old Format → 4/18/24, 1:03 PM
New Format → Apr 18, 3:22 PM



@Abdul has fixed the styling for copy webhook url, this how it look like now.


@Bram I think you will like this one


@abuaboud and @Abdul thanks for bringing back the copy button! Very happy to see it again. :smiley:


“We’ll replace LTDs”

Gonna need some clarification right there asap…


@bradmca new ones not existing customers, we’re talking about our future market motion


We’ve rolled out new actions and triggers as part of our Slack piece enhancement:

  • Improve New Message Trigger Testing: The trigger can now fetch recent messages, making testing easier. Previously, it only fetched predefined messages, making data mapping difficult.
  • New Channel Trigger: Activates when a new channel is created.
  • Update Profile Action: Updates user’s profile.
  • Create Channel Action: Creates new public channel in workspace.
  • Find User by Email Action: Searches user by email address.
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Hello guys :smiley:

We noticed panning in the builder using laptop touch pads (that means touching the pad with two fingers and panning around) wasn’t as good as we wanted it to be, so we rolled out a fix which enhances it and makes it easier.




Hi all!

We’ve updated our zooming feature to make it more user-friendly. You can now zoom in and out using the CTRL key combined with the mouse wheel, making it a smoother experience for mouse users. :computer_mouse:



@Abdul @islamaf thanks guys!

@abuaboud @ashrafsam Please fix Webflow integration, it has been more than 4 month with the same mapping problem and for the users who uses that CMS is impossible to work (we cant map any data, its like the integration is not complete…)