User submitted templates

Allow users to submit flow templates to the AP template repository

It would be awesome if users could submit flow templates to be listed on the template directory.

I think it would help people discover the best of ActivePieces and would also show them what the platform is capable of, and to also get them onboard and up and running quicker too!

You can also show the name of the contributor under the template description too, users can submit templates by building them, then somewhere at the top of the UI, they could click a dropdown and submit it as a template, which would then be reviewed and either rejected/added :slight_smile:

How can i publish template to marketplace? so anyone can use it!

*also requesting you to mention template creator name in lists.

I merged your topics @Shay_Punter and @yesbhautik so we can gather votes in one place and I like that this is getting requested. We’re not far from there!

what about Azure OpenAI API Support