Unable to install Active Pieces - Following guide for both docker and docker-compose

I receive the following error each time I attempt to install Activepieces.

failed to register layer: failed to Lchown “/usr/src/app/dist/packages/server/api/node_modules/buffer-equal-constant-time/.npmignore” for UID 718322462, GID 454177323 (try increasing the number of subordinate IDs in /etc/subuid and /etc/subgid): lchown /usr/src/app/dist/packages/server/api/node_modules/buffer-equal-constant-time/.npmignore: invalid argument

This would be perfect for the non-profit organization but this is preventing us from using it

Hi @Tomcatter31

Check this out, let me know if it works.

Thank you,

I tried that - still had the same issue.

Found that I built our test docker system as an LXC appliance in Proxmox, thought I would give a “full” ubuntu VM a go, and this seems to have resolved the issue I was having.

It maybe worth mentioning that LXC installs will not function

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