Trying to read large excel files using code piece

I am trying to fetch a large excel file from S3 bucket using the aws-sdk in code piece, but I run into an error 137 . Is there any other way to get large excel files from S3 and read them ?

Hello @Khush_Patil and welcome to our community :heart:

Activepieces has a 3mb file limit, could you please explain your case so we can give you suggestions on what to do ?

There are 2 excel files in my S3 bucket using which I have to create another excel file by performing some transformations on the 2 excel files. One of the files is small (<3mb) but another one is large (40mb). I am using the code piece currently. I have written methods in that piece which will retrieve the files from S3 using aws-sdk then perform operations on them using the xlsx library, write the transformed xlsx file using xlsx and then upload it back to S3. When I try to log the content of the large xlsx file I get a “137” error. So instead of logging I tried to directly perform all the transformations on it and then upload it, but then the piece just keeps running and nothing happens. Any solution which you can think of?

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