Testing step keeps loading forever

Hello Activepieces community!

I just created a a whole new fresh installation of the latest version with docker. When I create a flow, all steps run perfectly, but when I try testing pieces such as branch or http, it keeps loading forever. Any ideas on how to solve this?

Are there any errors in the browser console?

Yes, see screenshot. Any idea what the problem is?


It looks like there is a websocket issue from your console, but I can’t reproduce it.

@Michel_N, are you self-hosting? Which version are you currently using? Is there anything in the backend logs?

How does your setup look? If it’s behind a reverse proxy, then it might be an issue with the reverse proxy.

Thank you,

Hey Mo,

Thanks for the help with the WebSocket issue earlier. After some tweaks to my Nginx config, it’s better, but I’ve hit a snag with something else. In ActivePieces, when using “text exactly matches {value},” it works as expected when values don’t match (False), but weirdly returns [object Object] when they do match. Got any insight on this?

Cheers, Michel


Could you please click on Test Flow and click on the branch and on the left side you will see input and output. Could you provide something similar or steps to reproduce?

Thank you,

Hi Mo,

Thanks a lot for your help. I’ve upgradede to latest version and I can’t reproduce it anymore.

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