Slack «Send Message To A Channel» : No channels in the dropdown

I have a Slack «Send Message To A Channel» but it’s not working. It used to work fine.

New Email
Send Message To A Channel

At mid april it stopped working. I tried to reconnect Slack, but Channels are not showing in the dropdown.

Hello, @Kevin. Could you please delete the Slack step and recreate it to see if the issue still persists?

It persist. No channels.

Hi @kevin

Can you please delete the step and delete / create new connection and try it again from scratch.

I think the issue is due to connection version is newer than the piece version, I think the UI today lack the ability to show the incompatible connection, we are working on it and it will be released soon to avoid such problems again.

Please let me know if it works.

Thank you,


@abuaboud, thank you for your response!

Unfortunately, it looks like the issue still persists, at least for me.

Hi @Art_Badretdinov

The best way to know the exact error, can you please select Custom API Call Action from slack, and call this url,private_channel

Can you look at the error in the response?

It finished successfully, returning 99 channels:

I can send you the json in PM if it helps.

And there is the “next_cursor” in metadata that will likely return more channels.

Maybe, the issue is somewhere there?

I’ve just deployed ActivePieces to CodeSpaces, started it with the Slack piece. Trying to figure out how to connect a debugger.