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Kindly assist. I’m creating a HubSpot > SendFox automation, where I want all new contacts in HubSpot to be added to a particular SendFox list, but on SendFox actions, I’m not getting the option to select the List I want. It’s showing HubSpot Properties I have already on HubSpot Triggers in SendFox List. How Do I go about this?

Please take note that I’m moving this automation from Zapier to Active Pieces. Below is a screenshots of Active Pieces SendFox List:

List in Active Pieces

Is there something I’m doing wrong here? Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

Hi Itech, I am moving this to bugs.

This is odd

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is your problem, that you aren’t seeing the Sendfox lists you have ? if so, that’s because you switched to dynamic value mode, you need to toggle it off by clicking the toggle above the lists input:


once you do you will see your input has switched to a dropdown :smiley:

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Hi @Abdul, that worked! thanks man :laughing: :sweat_smile:

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