Schedule Trigger (Cron Expression) is not working since about 3 days

I have 2 flows where I write 2 posts daily at specific times (0 7,9 * * *) via OpenAI and publish them to my blogs, this worked wonderfully until 3 days ago. However, the schedule trigger has not been running since the 11th October. This means that nothing happens at the scheduled times. There is nothing listed under Runs and no error messages, the trigger just does not start. Test Run works btw.

Has anyone had the same experience? What could be the reason?

So I don’t know if it’s a coincidence or if someone from the team saw the post, but as of today my flows are working again :). If anyone has fixed this, many thanks .

Hi @onay maybe it’s timezone issue? are you sure selected the correct timezone?

I have the same issue. Schedule does NOT trigger anything @abuaboud

Flows that use “schedule” as the trigger don’t work, and they never show up in “Runs”.

For some reason the Schedule trigger started to work again now. It had then been in-active for at least one hour.

Hello Preben,
Is everything okay now, or does the problem still persist?
and thank you for reporting the bug.

@Salem_Alwarawreh , it looks like it works stabile now :slight_smile: Thank you!

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