Robolly Image generation API & tools

This integration is amazing, Robolly is a great tool. How should we proceed with the URL? I am getting the image URL but it is wrapped inside “”. What is the best way to get the exact link in Activepieces? I know how to do this in Make, but I am new to Activepieces.

I guess I should add “Google Drive” after to upload the file, but I am obviously missing one step between to remove “”.

Nice one thanks so much. Just need the video one next :slight_smile:

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Yes, I hope someone can add the PDF, regular video and advanced video features.

PDF is there, you need to use the drop-down on format.

@Bram, @Justin, @abjo, @Laur, @An4

Hi guys. I’m kinda delayed with AP stuff lol. This is to let y’all know I have added dynamic fields to the “Generate Image” action.

I also added the dropdown for the templates.


Here are some screenshots (this is not live yet):

Also, @Justin, PDF is already available (since before):



LEGEND! Amazing, work can’t wait to test it!!!

Hi everyone, once i’ve generated the image, how do i then upload it to Dropbox? Everything i seem to try seems to be failing.

Hi @vas, please add a new topic since this is a new “need help” message. I’ll help you there.

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Super, thank you for thus piece

I have one more question, is any way to made this piece to store/save in flow the output link for from image. I mean now the output is just a link generated, but if I want to post it on facebook or twitter will post it as link not as Image.

edit: Most of time I’m getting error like

Bad Request: wrong file identifier/HTTP URL specified
This is happening when trying to upload an image to telegram, and it can’t download the image using the url provided by robolly.

Or someting similar, like the url is not identified as image.
According to Robolly API rendered link hiden in base64url is applying at the end the file extension by default, it may be a fix for few problems.

Asking in the next version of the piece if is possible to activate output image link as hiden base64url ?

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