Request for Integration of Triggers and Actions

Frame io

Description: Frame io is a cloud-based collaboration platform for the video production industry. It streamlines the process of video review and approval, significantly aiding professionals like editors, directors, and producers. Integrating Frame io with Activepieces would significantly benefit content production and distribution agencies.

Requested Triggers and Actions (priority ones in bold):


New Asset
Updated Asset Label
New Comment
New Project
Deleted Asset
Asset Versioned
Updated Comment


Update Asset
Update Comment
Create Project
Custom Actions (Beta)
Find Asset
Find Project
Create Asset
Create Comment
Create Folder
Create Review Link
API Request (Beta)
Find Comment

Current Usage in Our Business: We currently use these triggers and actions in Zapier to automate and manage our content production workflow. Integrating with Google Drive and Airtable through Zapier has been crucial in organizing files and streamlining our client creation process. By adding these integrations to Activepieces, it would enable us to maintain an efficient and seamless operation within our preferred open-source automation platform.

I’m excited about the growth of Activepieces and appreciate the effort behind its development. Looking forward to the tutorial videos, and I hope to learn how to contribute to this innovative project myself.

This is high priority for me too - almost exactly the same use case as OP! Would love to see this in ActivePieces.

I have created a pull request with support for project, comment and asset created.

If this is really high priority, message me.

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Thank you so much! One of the things currently holding me from pulling the plug on Zapier. I appreciate it. How long does it usually take to get a piece with the actions and triggers going? I am interested in learning myself but the docs didn’t help help me get fully through. Waiting for a proper tutorial and I will be happy to dive back in.