Publishing Failed - Slack

Hello there, I’ve been trying to set up the following flow:

  1. Slack > New Message
  2. Slack > Custom API Call
  3. Airtable > Create Airtable Record

However, I keep encountering a ‘Publishing failed’ error, even after removing the Custom API Call step.

Could you please assist me with resolving this issue? Your help would be much appreciated. :pray:t2:

Thank you!

Hello @krishdolphin ,

Please ensure you test all steps of the flow and then try to publish the flow. Additionally, could you please provide more information or screenshots of any errors encountered? This would greatly assist in troubleshooting and providing the necessary assistance. Thank you!

Helllo there @kishanprmr:

I’ve been working on retrieving the Slack username via a Custom API call and logging the details into my Airtable. Each step of the process has been successfully tested. However, upon attempting to publish, I consistently encounter a “Publishing failed” prompt. I’ve attached a screenshot for your reference.

Thank you.

Hello @kishanprmr

As of today, publish just worked and the ‘Retest’ also functioned as expected, pushing the data to Airtable.

However, it seems like the message I sent on Slack didn’t make it to Airtable as intended.

Appreciate your help. :pray:t2:


Hi @krishdolphin

I confirm the slack issue has been fixed but I don’t understand what is the second issue

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