Project Not Found

"error": {
    "statusCode": 500,
    "error": "Internal Server Error",
    "message": "{\"code\":\"PROJECT_NOT_FOUND\",\"params\":{\"id\":\"ANONYMOUS_xxx\"}}"

All of a sudden I started to see this error on my self-hosted instance. All CRUD operations are failing. Any idea why that is?

Started happening on my self hosted instance too - was fine yesterday. Updated to latest version, still the same. I have 4 flows now in a constant running/executing state.

Hi @Mark_van_Bellen @Debate

Is there more information on how to reproduce?

Issue is found, and It should be fixed.

The json where we track list of new pieces had an issue.

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Happens for me too since today. Now I can’t even create a new flow with a (schedule) trigger. Selfhosted, latest version.

@DavidGorges Can you refresh and test again, does it work?

@abuaboud - what do we need to do to refresh, bring down the container and up again? I still have 4 flows stuck in run.

Which setup do you use? Docker or Docker Compose (With Redis and postgres)?

I’m using docker-compose with postgres

Just refreshing the browser worked. Seems like it was something external. Thank you!


EDIT: The docs are updated with more details

Please enable the BullMQ board using AP_QUEUE_UI_ENABLED, AP_QUEUE_UI_USERNAME, and AP_QUEUE_UI_PASSWORD. Afterward, visit /api/ui.

You should be able to identify stuck jobs in either the delayed state (which implies they will reattempt) or as failed. In such cases, you can press “retry.”

You should see this UI


@abuaboud I did that setting variables in the .env file as below
accessing my AP url with /api/ui gave an error about no endpoint
My REDIS is defined in the .env as
(I already had a redis instance so didn’t have the docker compose create it)

Did you restart the container? Is this latest version 0.13.0?

@abuaboud I did restart the container, should be latest version I previously did a docker-compose pull before restarting. The flows have finally completed of their own accord. So looks like things working again.

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