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I use the “Write long SEO articles by ChatGPT on WordPress” template, it works fine. On the other hand, my articles are published without any title. While Chat GPT creates the title well. Do you have an idea ?

Hi @Laura Can you post a screenshot of the WordPress settings? I think the problem is there. If you can open the Data to Insert panel and show me how you chose the title data point, it will be better.

I do a test with “code title” instead of “code”. No result…
Screenshot 2023-09-13 at 17-15-54 2te article seo - Activepieces

I defined a category, the status is “scheduled”

This Code title, what value does it have in the Data to Insert panel?

This is the proposed template, I haven’t changed anything.

4. : code
Screenshot 2023-09-13 at 17-21-26 2te article seo - Activepieces

The flow

Can you click on Share in the dropdown next to the flow name and share the link of the template with me?

Here is the link : Activepieces

Sorry @Laura I was referring to the Share button in the dropdown that shows when you click the “v” next to your flow name. When you click it, it will open a new tab, please share the link in that tab.

That’s what I did. does this link work better?

For the title everything works with “title code”. Now, I have a new problem, the themes of the articles do not correspond to the Google sheet list. I’ll reconnect them to check. I got an article about SEO… :smiling_face_with_tear:

The situation is quite catastrophic, I have articles published with titles. But the subjects are totally crazy. On a decoration site, there is an article on SEO. And this for all my sites. My list of themes cannot be consulted, but where did the idea for an article on SEO come from? Have you encountered this problem before?

By changing the trigger, this changed the source of article ideas for Open ai. The trigger became the theme of the article… What a crash! Thank you for your care

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