Notion: Create Database Item Action (field not propagating)

when notion database doen’t have “files & media” field, everything is normal.

when notion database has “files & media” field, notion pieces field is not propagating

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the same bug also happen in “Notion: Update Database Item Action”

@goen_w Thank you for reporting issue. I will look into it.

Hey @goen_w ,
I have fixed this bug .It will work now.
Let me know if you still facing this issue.

Thank yous @kishanprmr,
the field is propagating now, but for the field “files & media” is not showing.
is attaching files/media feature still on progress ?

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@goen_w currently Activepieces notion actions are not supporting field type files , relation, lookup .
But we will work on it to provide it very soon.

@kishanprmr thank you for the support and the confirmation.
looking forward for next update on the pieces.

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@abuaboud Can you close this issue as it is resolved.

I’ve just added the ability to mark Bugs as solved and marked your reply as a solution. We’ll use this in the Bugs category to make sure we’re solving the bugs!

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