Naming Conventions for Flows?

Would any people like to share their best practices for naming flows in order to keep everything organized?

I’m starting to get a lot of them, but most are experiments. Some are finals, and I definitely want to keep them.

Overall, it’s hard to come up with a proper name that I can easily understand a week later :rofl:


i did suggest to admin quite some time ago, to have a note on each flow for me to write down what it is for. Just like excel cell where you can add.a note on it.

That’s a good idea @knightskid

How do you name your Flows? Numbers-Letters-Long Text?


by folder, and within the folder, some of the flow will still have long text, i name it in a way by short form…e.g monthly → mthly

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I’ve been using folders as well, and also saving a duplicate of functioning flows since there is no way to make it read-only yet, so that if any errors happens, you can go to the “backup”

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Great ideas @knightskid @thisthatjosh !