My existing working flow suddenly stopped working

Hello everyone,

My flow to post generated images on Twitter using code pieces suddenly stopped working. I didn’t make any changes in that flow.

Currently getting error - Cannot find module ‘…/build/Release/canvas.node’ while executing code piece. Please find the screenshot below

Please help me to resolve this issue.

Hi @manoj.pedvi

I think I might know why, btw what do you use sharp in the code piece for?

EDIT: Can you try ask the AI to replace sharp with jimp does it work?

Thank you,

@abuaboud Sharp is used to generate composite images (place overlay text on the background in my case & post it to my Twitter account)
And BTW I am getting errors for the Canvas module which was earlier working fine for 2-3 weeks. I am not sure but think the modules directory got corrupted here but don’t know how to reset it as I don’t have access to the file system.

I think this is due to our switch from Debian to Debian Slim Docker image, as it’s safer and has far fewer vulnerabilities over time.

I suggest you ask OpenAI to switch to Jimp (jimp - npm) as it doesn’t use any underlying native (OS) libraries and is completely based on javascript

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