Moving our feature and pieces requests to the community

Our great community,

We’re moving the way we discuss and upvote features and pieces to this web community, specifically to the Feature Requests category.

The reasons behind this decision are:

  1. We’d like users to vote on both features and pieces, not only pieces like before.
  2. We used to post all pieces suggestions to GitHub directly which made it a mess there for our contributors. So we’re separating the discussion and voting from the GitHub repo.
  3. If you’re logged in here, you have the ability to immediately discuss things rather than creating another account for it.
  4. We think the community aspect of it is great, we can ask more questions and understand the requests better here.

This is how it will work:

  • You can post a feature request or a piece request on Feature Requests (we’re working on an easy template for this).
  • Our team will pick the top requests features / pieces and include them in our sprint.

Let us know what we should do to improve our processes.

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We’re gradually moving the existing pieces requests from our old system here. We won’t be able to move the votes with them so we’ll most likely pick the top ones and move them here under a specific tag.

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This is music to my ears !