⭐ Making Steps Inputs/Outputs Human Friendly

I don’t think it would, but if so, maybe the toggle could be hidden by default, and available in settings to enable?

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bring back JSON please

Can we have some form of option to have JSON? It’s easier for me to debug flows.

This is some decent bias towards JSON. Let’s talk more about it.

  • Did you notice that you can expand and collapse the items in the YAML format? This should help you explore the outputs easily.

  • Is the problem when you have neated JSONs inside the YAML format so it starts looking bad?

  • Is our implementation to YAML not perfect that makes you prefer JSON?

  • Or is it just that you prefer JSON?

We heard from users that JSON looked scary and that’s why we wanted to simplify it. So your elaboration will help us understand this better.

I’m pro-YAML, it’s definitely easier for non-technical users. However, I can also see why technical people might prefer the standard JSON they’re used to.

My main concern would be that most of the world uses JSON, so it can sometimes be easier to work with in combination with other tooling.

This kind of workflow gets very tedious very fast.

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Hello! Fantastic, they will make a tutorial for beginners like me hehe.

Hello! Fantastic, they will make a tutorial for beginners like me hehe.

I really don’t like this. 99% of API actions or integrations use JSON. Now when I’m creating a flow step by step each step outputs YAML which I can’t use anywhere and I have to do extra steps to convert YAML to JSON and cross the fingers the converter that I used didn’t add something extra…

JSON should be the default, you want to add YAML ? Great! Why not? But what is the benefit to remove JSON?

Hi @here,

Based on your feedback, we have decided to remove YAML and revert back to JSON.

We took the following steps:

  • YAML has been removed and changed to JSON.
  • Colors of JSON are no longer yellowish; they are now black and blue.
  • JSON is now expandable.

Next steps:
In the following weeks, we will improve our JSON viewer to be no-code friendly in a way that doesn’t change the format.

We always listen to the feedback, Keep it coming!


  • JSON is widely adopted in all software, which is natural to see the API response in that format.
  • Yaml could be a source of confusion in such case.

Array of Objects:

  - role: OWNER
    status: ACTIVE
    userId: 722ccb0b-90c0-4fd7-bfb9-fc2a7bc78914


  role: OWNER
  email: example@example.com
  status: ACTIVE
  userId: 722ccb0b-90c0-4fd7-bfb9-fc2a7bc78914

why is your password visible in the screenshot bro? @abuaboud


Thank you, Mo et al. :pray: