Make ActivePieces able temporarily host a small file for sending / uploading to other pieces

Feature : Make ActivePieces able to temporarily host a small file for sending / uploading to another piece.

Use Case:
Decode a base64 image back into actual image file (.png) and then temporarily host it on activepieces server so we can upload it to another piece.

We already do that with the File input. Pieces that has inputs with the File icon means they can accept files from the previous steps.

Did you try that? Maybe show us your flow to see how it can be modified?

I am going to link this for context: Google Drive Pieces - Read File cannot map the output link - #3 by vinc

I believe the file helper is already doing that, but it’s not intuitive to think of it, I feel there is something we can do to make it easier but not sure what is it.

I suggest to add capabilities of temporarily hosting files for up to 20 MB for 20 minutes on the worker node. Pabbly Connect add this capabilities with their core “Email Parser” module (they download email attachments and host it temporarily on their server so the user can forward it somewhere else)