Mailhook to Webhook

Connect Email and Webhooks to sync data between apps and create powerful automated workflows.

Can you explain 2-3 use cases that show how it is used and what it contains?
Thank you!

Hi @Cumonvip , i’ll add the image below as it’s the best explanation and use case:

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Great feature! But why use a paid third party service? An Imap inbox or unique emailadress like the generated webhook url would be a better practice imo.

This is how Zapier does it: Email Parser by Zapier.

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That is a great option,
Make has the option to create mail hook and you create with that automation from contact forms.

So if i have a contact from on website i can send the data to the mailhook and use that data to automation.

Exactly my point.This one would be a great asset. :slight_smile:

Would also love to see something like this for a trigger.