Mailerlite Groups


I am just starting to use Activepieces and I realize that from Woocommerce to Mailerlite is collecting the contacts but not giving me the chance to add the contact to a Group in my Mailerlite account, is this happening to you?


Hi @Victor_Camon and welcome to Activepieces!

Can you please elaborate more on this? Is it a missing functionality or is it something that’s not working as expected? Can you share screenshots and more information about the issue?


Hello Ashrafsam,

Thanks for the answer.

What I would like to have is the following procedure (as an example):

Once a customer is collected from Woocommerce (I suppose that this happens when someone is generating an order) I would like to bring that email and name to a Group of Subscribers already listed in my Mailerlite as “Customers Ecommerce”. How Can I add them to a Group? I can’t see where to do this.


I see, this is currently not supported as you can see in the MailerLite actions. Can you please post it to the roadmap? But that doesn’t guarantee it will be added anytime soon.

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