Loop with approval

I do have a webhook which passes the nessecary input for a Chatgpt request.
Chatgpt returns a message which I want to approve or disapprove.
I send the Chatgpt response to a Telegram message with the approve and disapprove link. After it is approved it should post the message on Instagram and Facebook.

But now I want to create a kind of loop which Chatgpt has to generate a new response till it’s approved from the link in Telegram.

This is my current (straight forward) flow, I have to build the loop but I am stuck at this moment.

Why not send the webhook link again in the telegram so when it’s click you trigger the flow again?

Thanks for your reply but I dont think it will work, because the first webhook is initiated from Gravity Forms which will send all the necessary information which will be used to make the ChatGPT request. I cannot retrigger the webhook only from telegram because I will be missing the initial webhook body.

I hope you will get my point.

You could create two webhooks. One initial webhook that receives values from Gravity and a second one that operates the loop webhook. You could handle the data exchange between the two scenarios using the storage function.

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