Limit the number of runs

Is there a way to limit the number of runs in ActivePices? I’m facing an issue where, if new articles come in via an RSS feed at 5-minute intervals, it ends up posting every one of them with the same 5-minute gap. I’m looking for a way to set a limit, for example, a maximum of 5 runs per day. So far, I haven’t found a workaround, like a count function. Can anyone suggest a solution for this?

Hi @Toasty

Now there is limit on the project overall, not sure if that helps, Is this an issue with RSS piece?

Get you rss feed into Google sheets and add a new column with number 0 for each item

Then run your posts capturing all items with number 0 then don’t loop but just continue with the flow then you pick the first item with number 0. When this item is processed, update the row and change the 0 into 1. In this way it won’t be picked up in the next round.

@Toasty Bram has a great idea, so that’s one option. Another option is to use the code, and splice the array to only take an x amount from the array, then loop through that new array the same you have it now.

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