Kaspersky is Flagging the https://cloud.activepieces.com/ site

Kaspersky is Flagging the https://cloud.activepieces.com/ site.

Is there a Security Issue going on?

Prevented visiting a website that presents a data leakage threat

Prevented visiting a phishing or fake website designed to trick you into giving away your passwords, credit card details and other private data.

You were protected from visiting this website by Kaspersky security.

Detected at: 5/11/2024 12:30:28 PM

Web address: https://cloud.activepieces.com/

Blocked: by Web Anti-Virus

Reason: threat of data loss

Detection method: databases

I have to shudown Kaspersky Anti-virus to continue on Activepieces.
Why is this happening? Is there some Security Risk?

Hi @startuphosting2015

There is no security risk , If you have some more information or details why it does happen please send it over and we will see how we can avoid that.

Hi @startuphosting2015 Which version of Kaspersky are you on? Does it work on Mac? I’d like to try to reproduce this on my device.

It’ll be great if you can provide us with more information (or steps-to-reproduce).