Is the product polished? We need your inputs

Hi @ashrafsam

Yes, the flows broke without me doing anything. I noted they broke because one (that published the last rss feed item to telegram and LinkedIn) stop doing so. I received an email that something went wrong the last time though. That was better than nothing.

And yes, that is one of the main reasons I can’t recommend this to my employer yet. There are some missing pieces (for example YouTube upload last time I checked), but the main reason is that we need something that does not break on its own. I understand that active pieces is still new and all this is part of the process. But the change to the community instead of help desk was both interesting (because of the community) and also I new reason for me to not use it in business, as I find it hard to get support. (Last year all I needed was to send an email and I got, within a few days, a response Now I posted an issue and it got closed for no activity).

I hope this helps you further.


Flows breaking by their own is definitely not something that we’d like to accept, we’ll discuss this internally and reflect on the incidents we’re aware of and see how we can further prevent this. Before your comments, I’ve been under the impression that this is not something that could possibly happen on Activepieces (by design).

Now, I need to go through it again with the team to see where we stand and how can tackle these reliability issues.

Regarding support, @daco we offer email support under our standard Enterprise plan and more hands on support under custom enterprise agreements.

Thank you everyone for working with us to take Activepieces to new heights, our team is capable of meeting your expectations and we’ll double down our efforts in doing so.

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Hi @daco,

This really shouldn’t happen. Can you confirm if you have republished the flow and it started breaking, or was it working one day and then it stopped the next? Also, could you please tell me when was the last time you faced this issue?

By design, this shouldn’t occur, as we only auto upgrade in DRAFT and it’s supposed to be compatible. The published version should never change. From what I understood, the Markdown option wasn’t compatible and you are correct. I just took a look at the PR (feat: add format to Telegram by tanoggy · Pull Request #2598 · activepieces/activepieces · GitHub). It seems the default option was text in the Telegram API, and the new property default is Markdown. So, that makes sense why it breaks in your case, but it should only happen if you republished the flow.

I’d love to investigate the LinkedIn scenario and see how we can automate this review to avoid similar cases. You’ve given me some ideas.

Thank you,


Thank you all for your replies, I would love if you give us inputs specifically for our Automation School by going to this post.

Another instance of instance of unhelpful error handling: Connecting Leadconnector (High Level) account "type error cannot read property clientkeys of null"

Is there perhaps a better place to track these?

Here are the things for me that are missing that will make the platform more polished:

I can only compare it to a more stable apps such as Zapier and Make.

  • Instability - there are times when I go back to a flow, and a piece would be missing some values/parameters, so I have to go back and re-enter some of the values. This happens from time to time. See screenshot below.
  • Performance issues - having to wait 10 seconds or more sometimes so I can re-test a step while it’s saving is a pain point.
  • Flow versions can be confusing and doesn’t work as expected. For instance, how does a new version gets created. My assumption is, when I make a change to the flow, but even if use a previous version as a draft, it doesn’t remove the most recent version.

A few enhancements that will increase productivity for me:

  • Disable a step - I have a workaround for this without deleting a step but it’s not ideal.
  • Re-usable step/piece - To be able to re-use a piece across multiple flows based on some settings or configuration would be nice.
  • Common used piece - It will be nice to have a separate tab for “favorites” or “commonly used step” would speed things up.
  • Improved error handling - If a step fails, perform certain actions such as a separate branch (think of try/catch).

As you can see in this screenshot, there’s no way that the last step would be empty as it already ran several times already today.


Agreed! I think all of your points should be considered :+1: @menacestudio

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@here We started making announcements about the points in this thread, here: We're polishing Activepieces — a rolling announcement

Thanks a lot for the GREAT feedback! :smiley:

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I’ve experienced this as well, seemingly every time I go back to my experiments on AP Cloud I have to reconfigure half of my flow, very strange.

This is a very important one for reliability. I need to be confident that my flows are not going to fail silently, screaming for help > confidently doing the wrong thing.

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Another instance of unhelpful error handling: Append Row to Worksheet error in Microsoft Excel 365

That’s what known issue is for, I moved it there

Found two more while testing today:

  1. It’d be nice if we could double click a step on the canvas to rename it.
  2. Maybe I’m missing something, but there seems to be no way to quickly switch between multiple runs. Opening a run replaces the navigation panel, but there’s no “Back” button.

Great work so far, can’t wait to see Activepieces grow further and get better and better!

I just noticed that the overall “crampedness” of the interface is reduced significantly by zooming out the UI to 80-90%. It’s not perfect, but now that I’ve noticed it I can’t unsee the fact that most elements just seem a little too big for the available screen real estate.

Here’s a comparison, though I’d recommend trying it yourself:

80% is a huge improvement for my combination of screen and eyes, though occasionally some pieces of text can become a little hard to read.

Something that need more attention it to improve online documentation for the input format of some value.
A good example if Google Sheet insert multi-row. I spent ~30minute to figure out the proper format for the input values. Proviving a very small sample of data inline would be helpful.



Hello there @Konrod, could you please check the scrollbars now and tell me if they are better the way they are now ? They should be using your default OS scrollbars now since your screen is small.

Hi. I checked it out. Everything works well, it’s convenient, there are no errors. Thank you.

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I was just creating a flow when I ran into this “issue” which I thought fitted this thread.

Using the “Date Helper” piece (which works wonders, by the way) I put in “+ 12 hours” as “Add/ Subtract Time”, which didn’t work since it has to be “+ 12 hour”. It took me a few seconds to figure it out, but I guess it would be a quick fix to have it accept “hours” too.


I think that we need some improved visibility and functionality for replaying the runs.

Currently we can see the status of the runs here: which is great. On that page we can also choose to re-run them which is cool.

But there are a couple of problems on this page.

First, we can’t see why something errored (column). In order to see that we have to go into the run. But once we are in the run, we can’t request to have it try again. To do that we have to go back out to the main list. That process is clunky and time consuming. Especially when you have thousands of runs happening and errors that pop up.


  • Make it possible to re-run from the canvas when we can see the error.
  • Give us more column options
  • Let us filter by the error reason and re-run stuff once we’ve made the fix

The issues tab is nice, but we can’t export a report, re-run anything nor really do much other than what we could already do by using the existing filters. It seems like a feature that doesn’t really serve much purpose as is.

I’d also love to be able to set up some error notification rules as well as rules on how to handle X number of errors. For example, send me an email if the same run errors out X times and automatically turn it off after Y times.

In general I love this system and I plan to build around it, but the last thing making me scared about going to production is the slow processing speed a lot of times. I know it’s on your radar but +1 for making AP much faster.

I really like AP, and it comes along more and more month to month, but I have to agree with the original graphic. There are little oversights and things that do not work well at almost every turn. I often find myself starting a piece, because all of the components seem to be there, only to find, after hours and hours of trying, that it just will not work like I expected/needed it to work.

A GREAT example of this is file handling (on any level). There is another post on here, but essentially it is impossible to do anything with files, and it is hard to tell if it is a bug, user error, or not how its supposed to be used to start with… and that is a recurring issue at many steps, especially with complex pieces (again, although it has greatly improved).

Here is a piece of flow that illustrates what I mean. The right side shows different results than the left side. The reason KIND of makes sense. But it is impossible to troubleshoot because of the difference, and it just doesnt work regardless of what is tried. There appears to be NO way to obtain a link to a Drive file, that can be used. So another option would be to create a Google Doc, but there is no way to share a Google Doc… and just around and around. Wasted about 10 hours of my life today trying to figure this out.

what I am attempting to do: