IMAP or API connection working on cloud but not onPremise

I have installed active pieces onPremise via glit clone and using the docker compose.
Most things are working, but the outside connection to my IMAP-Server (also to a second one) - no gmail - is not working.
I did try the workflow on cloud - there it is working.
I do have the same situation with telegram. I did create a bot which I am using for other things. OnCloud the telegram bot is working - onPremise It doesn’t.
So I did debug the betwork connection. From within the docker container I do get a correct network connection to my both mail-servers. (Routing and IP Adresses are correct - no firewall in the way.)
Ich I try it from cloud - i did figure out a correct connection. onPremise the same connection will get a timeout. (This is very surprising, because of working network connection - ping and telnet on port 993 is working)

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