Http Request Body is Emtpy

When I look in my flow the Body from HTTP Request is now empty.

What is wrong?

This is an input that you can fill if you need to send a Body with your request. It doesn’t have to show anything. When you click on Test Step you will see the response including its body in the Generate Sample Data pane.

There was until now Data in the Body like ID Key and something else. When I now look at it - it is emty. And when I test it - it does not work.

So you had data in it before and when you visited your flow later it disappeared? Is this a Draft version? If it is, can you switch to the Published version using the dropdown near the Publish button to see if the Body comes back there?

Yes it comes back. It is gone in all http requests in the draft version. How can I set it back?

@abuaboud @Abdul Could you please take a look at this issue? :thinking:

Some information how I can rescue my Work?

@Christian_Eichhorn, you can take a look at the published version:


You should be able to find the body in the HTTP step there.

Regarding the issue, just to confirm, did it occur because you switched the method to GET and then something else back? This will help me ensure that we are fixing the correct bug.

I don’t changed anything. I only want to have a look in a step and I saw in the body nothing. That’s too all http steps in the flow.

in the published version all is correct, but I can’t take it too the draft version.

I’ll move this to Bugs in order to investigate it and also help you with it.

@abuaboud Please take a look

Hi @Christian_Eichhorn Please check my comment here

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