HTML piece hangs up

Hi community,

we use ap selfhosted and on cloud. We now moved a WORKING flow from cloud to selfhosted via export. Unfortunally everythings working but the HTML piece when receiving a url via GET request. (endless loading spinner). Tests beeing made and the sending request is fine. Whats strange is that it just runs dry - no timeout (even it is set to 120 sec) or thrown error. As we use the docker install we were wondering where to start debugging the error.

Thanks for your thoughts on that one!

did you check your firewalls and DNSs?

I recommend you to test the same request inside the docker container…

do this:

Get all running docker containers using:

docker ps

get inside the activepieces container

docker exec -it <containerNameOrId> /bin/bash

being inside, try the GET request


You should see the response and/or errors

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