How to work with HTTP piece and paginated API?

Hello !

I try getting data using the HTTP piece and an API (product : Sellsy, a CRM). The SellSy API is easy to use, but I’m limited to get a maximum of 100 records per API Call (get), so to get all records I need I have to use pagination, involving the usual fields : limit, total, offset and count.

Problem… : I don’t find any piece or piece option/settings to manage the pagination and successive API calls until I get the total number of records (“total”).

Is there any way to use paginated API with ActivePieces’ HTTP piece ? (or any other piece available !)

Many thanks !!

Quick update regarding my issue with pagination : I get it working now ! I use simple Code pieces to set the pagination variables, and webhooks so that each loop is a flow, called as long as there’s data to be returned by the API endpoints.


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