How do I send an email 30 min before a meeting?

I want to send an email 30 min before a meeting. This is what we got to work with:

  1. I have connected my booking page, Callendo, with my gmail.

  2. We got values for “date” and “time”.

  3. Now we need to make sure that the email is sent 30 min before that “date” and “time”…How do I do that?


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I tried something easy to test the possibility, but it is possbile.

You can receive the date /time from a webhook? check the formatting to make sure it works fine. but for now i used the Get current date from Date helper:

Does this do the trick?

KR Bram

I agree with @Bram’s solution but I think you won’t need the 2. Get Current Date step since the date is already coming from the webhook. You might need to combine the Date and Time in the input of Step 3 instead.

Thank you guys so much!

Yes, we do have the date coming from the webhook with Callendo.

This is what I got. I’m just not sure how to remove 30 min from Delay Until?

Ohhh! So I write 30 minutes in the “expression” field… I will give it a try right away, exciting!! I’ll let you know the results

Almost there! Just one more thing to solve - an invalid date format message!

The data that I get from Callendo is formatted like this:

With other words:

This is the closet option I found:

But then I get an “invalid format” message.

my awesome tech gurus… how do I fix this haha? @ashrafsam @Bram

It is easier than i thought. but it is possible,

When u click on the “x” Dynamic value, u can manually put in the correct format you would like to use.

Keep in mind that the format i have created from “YYYY/MM/DD HH:mm” has a space in between the days and hours, i do think you also need to put in a space within the Date and Time coming from your source.

But check this out it should work.

Thank you so much! This works!! :smiley:

Yes, you are so right Bram!! Putting in a space within the date and time coming from my source is super important to make it work, here is a picture in case someone else needs help to solve this :slight_smile: :


You make my day, thank you!

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