Google Drive "Read file" bug?

Instead of getting the URL sent in an outgoing HTTP request, I’m getting the URL saved as file://step_9/Add to Cal.ics (Add to Cal.ics is the file name)

To add more context: I’m sending another URL in the HTTP request (non AP link) and it’s being picked up fine

Hi @S_M,

I understand the confusion, but this is intended; the reason we don’t store any data during production runs is because we only do that for “Testing.” It must be stored to be used to test other steps.

So runs after publishing, it will not generate URLs. You should try to upload it to a storage service or send it as base64 in the http.

Awe okay, thanks for the clarification! I had no clue, first time I was actually trying to use one of those links outside of AP.

Me trying to use an alternative: [Dropbox] Bug! The temporary file link action doesn't work

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