Gmail send doesn't work

.when I test the flow it works. Its a basic flow where I want to send the same mail at the same time everyday. Its scheduled at 0300 AM but never works only when I test it fires. But by itself doesn’t. Dont get any mail for error either.

I believe I’m running into the same issue

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Hi @anilerkan and @TimMan Can you please post screenshot of failed step, please navigate to the run and click on the failed step and screenshot.

This would help the team to give the right advice.

Moving this to bugs to be investigated by the team

I’ve gotten this same issue about 9 times in the past 48 hours

Hi @jeremy

I will looking for way to reproduce it, is there any information that can helps?

@Yaiza it looks like it’s the same issue you face, can you reproduce it?

Here’s what I am getting. Looks like the gmail sending is broken. Works when doing the “test” run, but the actual production doesn’t work

@Bram Can’t reproduce it now. When testing the step always goes thru ok and last two runs, thankfully, had no issues. This seems to be an intermitent bug (for me).

I can see the error message @life is getting it’s exactly the same as mine.

Hi @Life Do you have a free 15 minutes, Can you please book me for a call Let's talk! | Mohammad Abu Aboud |

I would love try couple of things to help us find the root cause.

Booked a call today. hopefully it will be resolved

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If you are facing this issue, please remove the gmail step and add It again, It should be fixed.

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