GiveButter piece

New piece for GiveButter
GiveButter is a fundraising platform for nonprofit orgs.

If you’re requesting a piece, write the:

  • Actions you’d like to see:
    – I don’t need actions for GiveButter currently

  • Triggers you’d like to see
    – One-time donation
    – Recurring donation
    – Auction bid
    – Ticket purchase

  • Use case you have in a real business setup
    When a donation (or other transaction) is made, I’d love to pass that info along with the donor details to our SuiteDash CRM and Portal. Then we can send out thank you’s from SuiteDash and update their portal information with current YTD donations and support.
    Also, ticket purchases on GiveButter could be passed to SuiteDash to begin an automation flow that would provide access to an event and special portals.

Thank you VERY much!
Chaplain TIG

If only give butter was available in Europe… such a shame, nice platform.

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I sure hope that’s on their internal roadmap :slight_smile:

Sadly it’s been there for over 3,5 years already…

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Hi @ChaplainTIG how do you like suitedash as your CRM for your NPO? I saw their new campaign on appsumo; would like to hear your experience.

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I love Givebutter, I competed with them for some time at my previous company Givingloop!

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I used to be a Salesforce developer and had our nonprofit with them for over a decade, but the cost of adding portals was just too prohibitive, so we moved to SuiteDash.

We’ve been using it for a little over a year now and I’m 90% happy. There are still some pieces that are a little clunky, but what you get for the money is just soooo good. IMO it’s completely worth the work arounds.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.
Put tig in front of our domain and you’ve got my email. :slight_smile:
I’m honored to help any fellow nonprofit.


Hi @ChaplainTIG

I appreciate your kindness; I have had a demo of the service and think it’s not for us. Although it has many good features, I do not trust them to remain updated in all of their functions. Which will leave the user waiting for updates.