Flow works as expected in testing but not when live

Flow trigger is “Client Created” in Moxie, the action is to create a folder in Google Drive with the client’s name (data to insert is “Client created body name”).

When I test this flow, the folder is created with the client’s name. However, when pushed live, a folder is created but not in the client’s name. The flow just creates a folder called ‘New Folder’.

When live, the input data for the folder name section is:


When in test mode the input data for the folder name section is:

“folderName”:“Client Name”,

Hi there @Nina .

Could you please export your flow and send it here ?
Click on the 3 dots next to the flow’s name in its table → export
Or in the builder, you can click the chevron next to the flow’s name → export

There’s no option to upload a file, so hope this link is ok :crossed_fingers:

Hi there @Nina, I am guessing you must have had an old version used of the Moxie piece and you wanted to update it, because there is a wrongly referenced property in the folder name “body”, but I fixed it and here is a link to the template you can import and use: https://cloud.activepieces.com/templates/u2jl13zd0ZVUE8oEScyG9

Now all should work :smiley:



Great thank you so much Abdul! It’s working as expected now. How can I check that I am using the most up-to-date pieces?

Select a step → scroll down at the bottom and you will see the version of the piece, next to it you will see the status for its recency :smiley:

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