Failed to store entry [object ReadableStream] - Google Drive

Following up on this thread, I’m still getting the same error.

I’m on cloud (not self-hosted).

Hi @Stockton

unfortunately this is known issue, it happens when test step and the file are larger than 4 MBs as these files are stored long term, while testing flow would store them locally and delete the files from our servers after run is completed.

There are two things we can do for sure.

figure out how we can optimize for higher files limit during testing and show better error message for sure.

Workaround: Test Flow would work but not Test Step unfortunately.

So it’s siloed to the test step?

ie it would work in production?

@Stockton Yes! Production works exactly as Test Flow (not Test Step) does

It works with “test flow” indeed. Now my problem is that for the open ai transcription, i need to select the file from the read file step, but that’s not possible, because I can’t test the step to generate testvalues. Any ideas for a workaround to add this value to the openai step?

Hi @Michel_N

I think this is due to size limit, yes there is an workaround , please take look at this section

I am facing the same issue with this trying to pull from Google Drive. I am using the Cloud version, so I assume it’s the latest, stable version. Tried both mp3 and mp4. Any idea why i get same error of : Failed to store entry [object ReadableStream]

Anyone in this thread know if we can find a folder by name (dynamically, not static) in the Google Drive Activepiece?

Hi there @DigitalAnchor is your file size larger than 3mbs?
We have a 3mbs file size limit, we will improve the error message soon so users can understand it when they see it.

I saw your bug that you opened earlier, please track your issue there.

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thanks for letting me know. is there some workaround? doing it in chunks maybe?

Hi @DigitalAnchor

I would suggest use Test Flow instead of Test Step, It should work

yes, test flow proceeds past the “read file” step, but then i cant do the next step of adding the audio to whisper to transcribe. i was using a 300mb file though. i wondering how we can do bigger than 3mb.

Has this been solved? I am having the same issue as DigitalAnchor.

There is a human readable error added in case the file were large, also I added an issue on the github repo to track how we can support larger files.

Please reopen If you saw this error again.

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