Failed Tests with LinkedIn Share Update to link article and details - Updated

I am currently using an RSS feed as my trigger. 1. AskGPT for Title, 2. AskGPT to create a summary, 3. Send Email to review the draft, 5. Creat Share Update.
I am able to test successfully (received email of draft - no article linked) and it posted to LinkedIn page no article linked). Attempting to get the article linked, when l I enter the RSS data in Image, Content URL, Content Title, and Content Description, I get a failed test. I have tried entering the data using the entire RSS button. Additionally, I have tried using the caret and selecting a specific source.
Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this?

I removed the additional RSS feed (I had forgotten I tried two) and then relinked. using the specific data from the caret. HOWEVER, while I can get the article to post with a link, I am unable to retrieve the image.

Can you have multiple RSS feeds on a single flow?
How do I get the image to appear? (Currently, I am generating an image with OpenAI)

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