Excessive max execution size, internal error

Hello all,
As I self host, not sure if anyone else is having the same issue. When running a flow, at times, it throws an internal error, however, all steps seem to have executed successfully except the last step. Below are screen shots of the same flow, which gets either an image generated, or resource text. Image request goes to Dall-E and any text request for to Gemini.

Log files. First is a full run no issues:

This is the error it throws, which I think it is a file size issue, as the last step, it is to return an image if requested in the flow.

In my flow, I reduce file size from Dall-E from 3Mb down to 400-550kb. It has been working fine up until the last day or so. I use image help piece to crop, then the file helper to convert to image64 so it can uploaded… below is the flow.

The only other thing I’ve been watching, is that when error occurs, it seems to provide previous requests that were already completed. When next request (run) occurs, the one that failed seems to now get completed, but throws the error for current run.

Thanks for any help,

Hi @Homelab1090

I have been hunting this error for a while, do you mind me share how to reproduce it step by step?

Sure I’ll send you a message. What are the specifics you need?


If you can make a minimal flow to test with and share with me the flow :smiley:

I just sent you a message with the details. Let me know if you need anything else, or in a different way…

thank you agian,

@Homelab1090 This is fixed and will be released with the next version.

@abuaboud oh great, so this was not something I was doing wrong or incorrectly?

Thank you for looking into it and finding the fix

Hii @Homelab1090 Nope nothing wrong on your side.

Now you will see some part of logs now have (truncated) but the execution will remain same, the log size grow very fast and there was issue in the trimming to remove base64 and other information to make it small.

There will be minor experience enhancement rolled out for trimming, currently it’s trim the whole step if it’s too large the next update will find the largest part and trim them while keeping rest are same.

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