Error Handling: Auto Retry and Continue On Fail Options

Hello Activepiecers,

As a follow on to the Retrying failed flows just landed announcement, today we released 2 new options you will find in your action settings:

  • Continue On Failure: If enabled, the flow will not stop if the step fails, it will continue normally and the step will be marked as failed in your run.
  • Auto Retry On Failure: If enabled, the step will retry up to four times (across ~4 minutes) if it fails.

Screenshot 2024-01-17 194514

For our contributors, you will be able to hide these options or set them to true by default through the errorHandlingOptions object in your action definition.

These options will allow you to get extra control of your flows, and help you deal better with pesky timeout and rate limiting errors in your runs.

Till next time,

  • The Activepieces team

nice, this is awesome.

Excellent! This is awesome! Great update! Thanks so much! :grinning:

That’s really awesome indeed ! I was getting 502 error with an API, now it works smoothly, excellent !

Sweet! But can we set a default, or have the option to automatically tick one of the two options at the beginning of the flow (for the entire flow, of course then each step you wouldn’t want could be manually ticked off)? I don’t know about others, but I find it a bit tedious to turn on for every step I want to follow the protocol. Thanks team!

Quick inquiry: What happens if both settings are activated? Does it attempt 4 retries before proceeding with the flow?

Regardless, I really appreciate these features; they’ve remedied two flows that were encountering 402 errors almost all the time!

Great Questions, It run sequentially, So yes the four retries will be attempted before continuing.


This is amazingly insanely awesome.

Just putting it out there.

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