Error configuring pieces

I am getting the configuration error messages every time, when adding a pieces, Airtable and Google forms. Please help me resolve this at the earliest.

Hey, is this on cloud or local development mode ?

This is on the cloud.

are you connecting your account before trying to fill in the other fields you have in your action ?

This is not giving me any option for configure the pieces.

Can you please click on the trigger like you have in the screenshot, scroll down and click on “Connection” dropdown, then “new connection”?

Its auto hide these fields, which you are showing in the screenshot, and when moving cursor to that place, it says “Please fix the trigger input first”. In case if you want, i can show you the video

Here is the video of the error

I left a comment on the video as well, but after selecting the trigger, you can scroll down to show other fields. You can also drag the “Generate Sample Data” box down to make more room for the trigger configuration.

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