Desire to add ChatNode connection instead of OpenAI

ChatNode data would work better for me since it’s a pre-trained bot.

Perhaps there is a way to connect already but I can’t find API in the search for a connective piece.

@Les_Henderson , that thing cost $99 a month for the access to the API.

Here is the documentation:

If you have the enterprise plan, maybe you can use the Http piece: HTTP Integrations - Connect your apps with Activepieces

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Thanks. I’ll determine what plan I have and see if I have access first. Then I’m sure I will need even more advice on how to get it connected. Ha.
Just when I think I’m making some headway, I see that it fails because I can’t figure what data needs to go in these fields.
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I’ve already fed it what it asked for in the code section but it wants more.
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Here’s the test base. API - ReDoc

I finally figured it out after a million permutations and combinations which were all for not. Their docs were very unclear and missing key steps.
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In the end it was very simple.
Hopefully this will help with the integration of other apps as well.

Thank you. It helps me also. Can you mention more about your current status of implementation related to “chat_session_id” ? Or any other help on how to chat with the bot