Create record in AITable: How to map data when field type is "Select"?

Newbie question about a two-step flow that takes a new row in Google Sheets and creates a corresponding record in AITable:

  1. This seems to work fine for field types of Text, Email, Date. I can open the “Data to Insert” box to choose the desired field from the Google Sheet.
  2. For a field type of Select, however, I cannot even open the “Data to Insert” box. Instead, I see a dropdown to pick the possible “Select” values. I don’t want to choose a fixed value here; I want to send over the value that’s in the Google Sheet.
    What am I doing wrong? Thank you so much! :pray:

Select the dynamic mode to set the value, and your value should probably be an array (of a single value, you can use the Code piece to return an array). That’s what I do to import data from SellSy to AiTable.

that works! thank you SO much, ChrisHK!!

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Happy to share @pieces as I spent some hours to be able to update Select fields :smile:

The Code piece is my favorite !

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Your hours spent to be able to update Select fields are so appreciated! ! :pray: I did not realize or notice there was a dynamic mode. The value I was trying to use was just a single value, so that solved it!

You mention a Code piece to return an array. Could you possibly clarify what is the Code piece? Is it called a different name on Connect hundreds of apps - Activepieces ? I would really love to be able to deal with the values that are arrays. Thank you! :pray:

Here is a quick demo of the Code piece : Code piece demo - Activepieces (

Weird, this Code piece is not documented in AP docs, I even didn’t noticed… FYI I use the self hosted version of AP, the Code piece is maybe not part of the Cloud version ? I don’t think so… Ceck in your workflow if you can add this magic piece !



thank you sooooo much :pray: :pray:

i have found the Code piece in the Cloud version (should have thought of looking there too, not just in Connect hundreds of apps - Activepieces! :woman_facepalming:). i’m stunned you even created a step-by-step demo for me. that was so kind, and also - so necessary :sweat_smile: and helpful, given how confused i have been. i have a lot more to learn to be able to use the Code piece effectively, but thanks to you, i have finally managed to upload an array with 2 static values into AITable’s Multi-Select field. still a ways to go to properly connect it to Google Sheets, but this is a huge step forward for me :joy:

thank you again! :blue_heart:

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You’re welcome @pieces, I’m sincerly happy if you were able to achieve one of your objective, now enjoy this gorgious Activepieces, and don’t hesitate to ask for help or guidance here !

Enjoy !

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The Code pieces returns everything, all is possible, and don’t hesitate too to ask our old friend ChatGPT how ot can help you.

after multiple attempts (and yes i’ve been using the AskAI feature built into the Code piece repeatedly :sweat_smile:), i decided to officially throw in the towel on this earlier today. but then for some reason i later decided to try again, and just got it to work! :exploding_head: :raised_hands: (“it” being sending dynamic values from the Google Sheet, rather than static values, as an array) relieved, thrilled, and grateful. thank you for your help in reaching this point :pray: :pray: :pray:


Excellent ! Congrats @pieces !!

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This really puts a smile on our faces, thanks for being awesome members of our community <3

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